A Theft

A Theft
Theresa Pablos

EXT. busy street – DAY

JACK, a young man, waits patiently outside of a store on a bustling city street. He looks down the street, then at his watch, and back down the street again. Suddenly, SAM, an attractive young woman, approaches in the distance. Jack recognizes her and smiles to himself. As Sam approaches Jack’s location, he winks at a man standing on the other side of the sidewalk. On Jack’s cue, the man rips a purse out of Sam’s hands and takes off running down the street. Before the woman can react, Jack is running after the man. After a few seconds, Jack catches the man and tackles him to the ground. Jack throws a few punches and after the way-too-easy fight, retrieves the purse and hands it to Sam, who has caught up with the two men and is blushing. Sam hugs Jack, writers her number on a piece of paper, and hands it to him, smiling, before continuing down the street. Once the young woman is out of sight, Jack helps the man up and brushes him off before slipping him a $5 bill.


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