The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart – Maya Angelou 

Below some of my favorite written works – journalistic, academic, and creative.

Meet the dentist who helped 360 athletes — in 7 days (, free registration required)
Over the course of seven days, about 360 athletes participating in the 2015 Special Olympics World Games received dental treatment, helping to improve their competitive edge and quality of life. Santosh Sundaresan, BDS, DDS, an assistant professor of clinical at the University of Southern California (USC) Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry, led the Los Angeles-based team that helped treat the patients, some of whom had never seen a dentist.

Ron Finley – Renegade Artist (NBC Los Angeles)
My first formal conversation with Ron Finley took place while he sat on a ladder in the middle of the white room where he was setting up for his new historical movie poster exhibit at the Museum of African American Art in the Crenshaw district. As he relaxed on the fourth step of the ladder, I asked Finley, a movie poster collector, what his technical title for this latest project was.
He straightened up, looked me square in the eyes, and said “The King.”

Tangram is bringing the jump rope into the 21st century (Crunch Theory)
Crunch Theory caters to women in the high-tech lifestyle segment. Smart Rope is much more than just a jump rope. It is a high-tech fitness device that displays your workout quality before your eyes, suggests workouts based on your previous activity, and counts calories burned based on your BMI.

Preventive Medicine for LA’s Low-Income Communities (Public CEO)
At a time when our country is facing a staggering health crisis, it is surprising that the people who perhaps need health and wellness initiatives the most – residents of low-income communities – often have the least access to them.

X-Men as an Allegory
Science fiction has always allowed writers and directors to address sensitive social issues from an outside perspective, and the 2000 film X-Men is no exception. It begins by introducing the audience to two characters trying to implement social change – Professor Xavier and Magneto. While both powerful mutants, Professor X chooses to follow a more gradualist approach to achieving peaceful mutant-human relations by running a school and participating in Senate debates. Magneto, on the other hand, chooses to take a more radical approach when confronting the same topic, preferring to take direct action to ensure mutant rights. The film incorporates references to the Civil Rights movements through these characters’ words and actions in order to give its audience a basis to compare the two forms of social change. X-Men serves as a commentary on gradualism versus radicalism, most specifically by comparing it to the Civil Rights Movement, one of the most concrete, contemporary examples of a human rights demonstration.

A Theft
JACK, a young man, waits patiently outside of a store on a bustling city street. He looks down the street, then at his watch, and back down the street again. Suddenly, SAM, an attractive young woman, approaches in the distance. Jack recognizes her and smiles to himself. 

A brief poem about finding forgiveness.


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