The Move

Theresa Pablos


MARY, a frail 80-year-old woman, stands at the edge of her living room. The room is completely empty except for one open box with some keepsakes in it. Mary looks down pensively at a family portrait she is holding in her shaking hands and sheds a tear that falls on the picture.

We see Mary’s now wedding ring-less left hand holding the picture of a younger version of herself with a man and two boys.

Mary looks up from the picture and around the empty room, deeply saddened, when ROBERT, a middle-aged man with graying hair, emerges from an adjoining room. He walks over to Mary and gives her a long hug. Mary then places the picture in the open box and heads steadily towards the door. Robert picks up the box and opens the door for Mary. Mary looks back longingly one last time at the living room and walks out the door. Robert follows and closes the door, and from inside the living room we can hear it lock.


We face the door that ROBERT and MARY had walked out of, and we can hear it unlock. As the door swings open, a YOUNG BOY, only 5 or 6-years-old, bursts through the door and runs, smiling, into the still empty living room. A GIRL who is not much older than him quickly follows. CHRISTOPHER, a man about 35-years-old, walks in smiling after the kids and holds the door open for JUSTINE, his pregnant wife. Christopher and Justine laugh as they watch the two kids run excitedly in and out of the rooms that connect to the living room. The couple looks at each other and kisses, and then Christopher walks off after the children.

Justine removes a family picture, hammer and nail from her purse and delicately nails the portrait to the living room wall. She takes a step back, smiles, and then moves out of the living to find her family.


The young boy and girl run merrily around the yard, while Justine stands by the door. Moving men begin to unload boxes and put them into the house. At the very front of the lawn is a sign that says “House for Sale” with a bold yellow tape over it that reads “Sold.”


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