Multimedia Work

Media Arts and Practice
Green Eggs and Ham Digital Textbook
For this project, I reworked part of the classic Doctor Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham into an interactive, digital story. The idea was to create a piece of multimedia that children could use to associate words with pictures, sound, and other media. Languages used: HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript

A Critical Look at Netflix
This project evaluates Netflix as a piece of technology and its impact on today’s culture, especially that of the entertainment industry. It combines created and found media as well as plug-ins to create an immersive, interactive learning experience and critical take on the service. Languages used: HTML, CSS, JQuery + plug-ins, JavaScript.

IML 140: Remix Culture Portfolio
In IML 140: Remix Culture, I used a variety of tools (Photoshop, Garageband, WordPress) in order to remix found or created objects in such a way that they create a new message. You can view my projects using the link above.

Clubs Not Crime

Clubs Not Crime is a series of multi-media pages that I created for an online journalism pages. I focus on how to prevent crime in Vermont Square by giving an overview of crime prevention, and then going into depth of two organizations. For the website, I programmed, created and wrote everything except for the general template.

Redefining Vermont Square
Redefining Vermont Square is a multi-media story that I wrote for an online journalism class. It details the consequences of graffiti in a South Los Angeles neighborhood, and what the street art means for residents and law enforcers in the neighborhood. For the project, I coded the entire website using HTML; shot the pictures, recorded the audio, and edited together the two audio slideshows using SoundSlides; researched and wrote the feature piece; and created the interactive web graphic at the bottom of the screen using Google Maps.

Journalism 202 Final Project
I created a website for my final in Journalism 202, Print: Newswriting.

The Window in the Wall Facebook Page

For my internship with Retrofit Films, I created and updated their Facebook page. This included helping to form a timeline of when to post content, change the profile and cover pictures, and review the analytics.


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